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"Remember, a horse can tell you a lot of things if you watch and expect it to be sensible and intelligent.  Pay attention to all the little signs, the way it moves its body, the ears, the eyes, the little whinnies, that's its way of talking.
There is the neigh of terror, the scream of rage, the whinny of nervous impatience (that's a very funny sound!), the nicker of longing or hunger or friendliness or delight or recognition.
She'll talk to you and it's for you to understand her.  you'll learn her language and she'll learn yours.  Never forget that they can understand everything you say to them."
"Everything, Dad?"
"Everything.  And when you once realize that, friendship with an animal begins to be quite a different thing.  Communication, see?"

Father & Son
"My Friend Flicka"

ECA Storm Spotter
Spotacular Fame(ASB) x Storm Ahead
Bay Tobbiano-Triple Registered & sweepstakes!
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Echos Rainbow

Cassel's Czest Bruanne
Mare Book #1 RSPI

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EC Victory Dance

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Storm Ahead - Mare Book #1 RSPI
deceased 7/2008

ECA Cherry Flambeau

2003 bright chestnut Overo Pinto, NSH double registered mare! Tall, elegant, flashy, one blue eye. Out of Ames Loveberry and sired by Overo Saddlebred stallion, Beau Decision . Ready to start as hunter or dressage horse deluxe or as a broodmare for loud colored 3/4 Arabian foals. $4,500.00.....
2014 Filly ECA Rhaspberry Bheret, by Sabino stallion Rhocky Rhoad is NOT for sale !

ECA Ruby Reflkshn

2006 Chestnut filly by the flashy Belesemo Relkshn and out of the beautiful Polish mare, Cassel's Czest Bruanne.

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Region 11 July 2015.  Top 5 Country English Pleasure Driving, Top 5 Country English Pleasure ATR, Reserve Champion Country English Pleasure ATR.